Our Philosophy


In order to provide the markets we serve with service quality beyond question, and in our constant strive to be known as a company of good repute, Toilet Friend International (Pty) Ltd expects of each and every employee, agent and or dealer to adhere to and follow certain operational standards, which are aimed at the successful achievement of our corporate goals and business objectives.

We believe that a total commitment to the company’s standards will satisfy the aspirations of not only our clients, but also, that of our employees and our shareholders.

Our commitment is shown by going the extra mile with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, a professional business approach and a willingness to assist everybody in our employ to be successful at what they do.

We expect each person involved in and with our company, to contribute in a positive way towards harmony at the workplace, and to do whatever is required to ensure pleasant working conditions and to avoid any form of conflict.


Vision Statement

We shall provide economically viable and environmentally friendly solutions to problems in respect of washroom odours and hygiene management, to clients on a global scale.

Our business endeavours will be aimed, not only at generating acceptable, sustainable returns to our shareholders, but also, to create and maintain wherever possible, continuous employment opportunities.

Mission Statement

We shall realize our vision by:

  • Producing the best products at competitive, market related prices, for application where needed ,
  • Providing service quality beyond reproach ,
  • Providing innovative leadership in washroom services management ,
  • Providing guidance and support to everyone involved with our growth and development, and
  • Being results driven and highly focussed on achieving our overall business objectives.
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